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Farm Gate Vets


Tup fertility testing

Tups can be brought to both surgeries where we will perform a full fertility test, including:

  • Full clinical examination
  • Collection of semen samples
  • Analysis of sperm count and viability under the microscope to determine how fertile the tup is likely to be.

Ideally tups should be tested 4 weeks before they are due to be used.  Please give us a few days notice if you would like to book your tup in for a fertility test.

Tup vasectomies


We prefer to undertake tup vasectomies at the surgery, to minimise the risk of infection.  Please give us at least one weeks notice if you would like to book some tups in for vasectomies.

Tups that have been vasectomised are used as teaser tups; to produce a compact lambing period. 

  • Vasectomies should be performed at least 2 months before you intend to use them.
  • One month before introducing the teaser, make sure that the ewe flock is out of sight and smell of any rams or wethers.
  • After this introduce the teaser (vasectomised) tup to the flock for a period of 12 days.
  • Then remove the teaser and introduce the normal ram.

Providing the ewe flock were cycling at the time when the teaser was with them, they will lamb in a compacted lambing. Usually the compacted lambing will consist of two ‘peak’ periods 6-8 days apart.

  • Day 0 – Ewes away from any male sheep
  • Day 30 – Introduce teaser to ewes
  • Day 42 – Teaser out, Ram in with flock

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