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Beef and Sheep Services

We want to help drive your profitability on your farm whether that’s beef cattle or sheep using the highest standards of large animal veterinary practice.

At Farmgate vets we provide our local beef and sheep farmers with a very high quality veterinary service, with animal health and production being the forefront to our business. We actively encourage prevention and planning rather than cure using regular visits to promote good management and animal health while all the time striving to increase profitability in your farming enterprise.

Dedicated farm team

We work out of three practices, and have a dedicated farm team of 12 vets including 3 bovine diploma holders. There is always a dedicated farm vet available 365 days of the year and 24 hours of the day to deal with routine or emergency procedures on your farm.

Approachable and responsible

At Farmgate vets, we pride ourselves on a highly professional yet personal, approachable and responsible service. We provide a straightforward and clear pricing structure that fits around your business, with the majority of our clients being charged on a time basis for our professional services. Medicine prices play a key role in your business therefore we supply farm animal drugs, wormers and products at a very competitive price but we actively urge preventative measures rather than cure and we are keen to reduce our sales and reliance of antibiotics.


Cattle and sheep fertility is vital to maintaining a good income. At Farmgate vets we can regularly check for pregnancy and if there are problems we have the ability to diagnose and can quickly implement solutions. We have a wide array of computer programs designed for monitoring your farms fertility.  


Lameness can severely impact on productivity and the welfare of your animals. Therefore we at Farmgate vets can help identify the underlying cause(s) of lameness on your farm and can advise the most cost effective and appropriate means to reduce it.
Wanting to learn about new information about Beef and Sheep farming?

We have many beef and sheep meetings/workshops throughout the year, including our popular beef and sheep clubs. These cover all aspects of animal husbandry from worming to pneumonia prevention. It is core to our business to deliver the skills and new information we have gathered in a form that is readily available to our clients. For further information consult our Events page or alternatively call one of the practices.

Farmgate vets deliver the highest standard of large animal veterinary practice, animal health and productivity via a specialised, comprehensive and a wide range of services designed for your business, these include:

Core services

  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Reliable friendly staff providing a very high standard of large animal practice
  • Competitive fee and medicine prices
  • 12 dedicated farm vets available daily
  • Out of hours covered by 2 of our own farm vets
  • Disease prevention strategies
  • Regular training and education courses

Some of our Additional Services

  • Lameness and mobility scoring
  • Bull semen collection and processing
  • Herd and flock health production analysis including plans
  • Routine fertility examinations
  • Investigations into problems related to fertility, lameness & mastitis
  • Nutritional advice including analysis
  • Worm egg counts
  • FREE Worming and fly prevention advice
  • Accreditation schemes for a disease free status
  • Bull and ram breeding soundness examinations
  • Bull and ram vasectomy


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