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Farm Gate Vets


Routine Advice

Nutrition is probably the most important aspect of cattle management.  If you get the nutrition right then everything else will improve (e.g. fertility rates, milk production, lameness and other disease incidences etc).  If you would like to organise a meeting between yourself, your nutritionist and one of the vets then please call the office.

Metabolic Profile

This is a service run by Edinburgh University.  The profile provides an in depth analysis of the energy status of your cows at different stages of lactation.  We will come out and take blood samples, measure body condition scores, body weights and look at feeding management.  Edinburgh analyse all the information and write a detailed report.  It is an extremely useful service if your cows are struggling to keep weight on, or you are having problems with fertility or reduced milk production.  It can also be useful if you plan to change the diet of your cows.

Dry Cow Management

Dry cow management and nutrition is critical, as decisions made during this period can have a profound effect on health, production and fertility in the subsequent lactation.  Disorders such as hypocalcaemia (milk fever), ketosis (slow fever), fatty liver, displaced stomachs etc, usually result from nutritional problems.  Dietary management during the crucial ‘transition period’ are often the cause of these diseases. 

Calf Nutrition

A sound calf nutrition programme from birth to about 12 weeks of age is essential for the health and future productivity of the animal.  Contact us for advise on all aspects of nutrition during this important period.  Remember, success starts with good colostrum intake.  We can now check how successful the uptake of colostrum is in newborn calves by blood samples.

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