Mastitis Investigation

High SCC investigations

If you are having problems with an increasing cell count month on month, then please call us to arrange for a mastitis investigation.  If you milk record then we can analyse the data for you to find out which cows have high cell counts and what treatment would be most effective.  If you do not milk record we can come and visit your farm at milking time.

Monthly Milk Record Analysis

Monthly milk recording is an accurate way to analyse disease and nutritional status of dairy cows.  We are able to look for possible causes of diseases such as slow fever, twisted stomachs and poor fertility etc.  For more information please call the office on 01524 60006.

Clinical Mastitis Investigation

We can arrange to visit your farm at milking time and take samples from cows that have mastitis and find out what bacteria are causing the disease.  By finding out what is causing the mastitis, we can put together a treatment protocol that will be most effective.  In addition we may be able to advise you on how to prevent the mastitis spreading through your herd.

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