Herd Health Plans

NWDA Herd Health Planning Scheme

There is money available from the EU to assist farmers in animal health and welfare on farms.  The grants are designed to fund schemes for farmers together with their vets, to investigate disease status on farms and put together herd health plans.  For more details please call the farm practice and ask to speak to Jim McKinstry or Mark Stott.

Herd Health Planning

Many of you will already have herd health plans in place due to farm assurance schemes.  The aim is to provide a document that provides information on disease incidence records, medicine records, biosecurity, disease control and monitoring, treatment protocols, vaccination and worming programmes etc.  The document can be very useful if used to its full potential!  If you would like to discuss herd health planning with us then please call the office.  The plan involves a vet visiting your farm and discussing the management of the farm and any problems that you have.  We will then produce the document for you.  Herd health plans should be revised every 12 months.

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