The team at Farm Gate Vets are always keen to see poultry.  We are now listed on the British Hen Welfare Trust website ( as a recognised chicken friendly vet practice.  We are dedicated to improve chicken welfare as well as treating individual birds.  We regularly run free chicken health checks, which are designed to educate chicken owners about husbandry and common diseases in their birds. 

Common symptoms of ill health in chickens:


Lameness (dragging a leg, limping, wing hanging down)

Swollen or scaly feet and legs

Quiet and lethargic

Enlarged crop (swollen neck)

Nasal discharge and swollen around the eyes

Swollen, prolapsed or sore looking vent (bottom!)

Sudden death (apparently healthy the day before)

Stop laying eggs (this may be normal in the winter unless artificial lighting is provided)

Please do give us a call if you would like some advice on keeping chickens.

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