LVI Work

All of our farm veterinary team are trained Local Veterinary Inspectors (LVIs).

We work on behalf of Animal Health (part of DEFRA) to undertake mandatory surveillance of TB and other diseases.  Our duties include:

  1. TB testing
  2. Anthrax Enquiries
  3. Abortion Enquiries

TB testing

For full details of TB testing please go to the DEFRA link:

Anthrax Enquiries

Legally, whenever an animal dies suddenly on a farm, the farmer must report it to their vet or local animal health office.  It is then up to animal health, to decide whether they deem it necessary, for one of us to come out to your farm and blood test the dead animal.  We are usually able to tell you the result of the test on the same day.

You are not allowed to move the dead animal until we have told you the blood test result.

For more information please click on the link:

Abortion Enquiries

The law requires cattle keepers to report every abortion or premature calving to their vet or local animal health office.

An abortion or premature calving is defined as “an abortion or calving which takes place less than 271 days after service, or 265 days after implantation or transfer of an embryo, whether the calf is born dead or alive”.

For more information please click on the link

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