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Acupuncture at Farmgate Vets

Becky, one of our vets is a qualified veterinary acupuncturist, practising western style veterinary acupuncture.

Acupuncture is the technique of inserting very fine, non-traumatic needles into muscles and their associated structures to help manage long standing, painful diseases of the joints, back and muscles, among other things. 

Acupuncture encourages the body to release natural healing factors, and its own internal pain killers. Aiming to reduce muscle tension and trigger points (knots), reduce pain, improve mobility and ability to exercise. 

The most common diseases we treat are arthritis (aging and damaged joints), back pain, or pain from historic injury. However, there are a huge variety of non-musculoskeletal conditions with can benefit from acupuncture to a greater or lesser degree, such as allergies and dry eye.

Sessions are 30minutes long, and usually a series of four sessions is planned initially, as improvement can take several sessions to reach peak effect. Most animals react very well to the treatment, becoming very relaxed and chilled out, so no sedation or restraint is necessary.

If you think acupuncture may help your pet, please contact our Sedbergh practice on 015396 20335 and ask to speak with Becky, and she can discuss your pets condition in more detail, and answer your questions.

Acupuncture can really help:

  • Old animals who are getting slow and stiff on or after walks.
  • Animals struggling with stairs or the car.
  • Animals which have old injuries.
  • Animals with lameness due to hip or elbow dysplasia.

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